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  • Oral Presentation Guidelines

    Please ensure that you follow the guidelines for the Presentation.

    Time Provided for Presentation : 8 Minutes

    Discussion / Q& A : 2 minutes

    Total : 10 Minutes

    • Prepare presentations in the template given below, aspect ratio format for widescreen viewing. Use a non-serif font (e.g., Arial)
    • Consider the sequence and relevancy of your slides.
    • Use graphs and charts to illustrate your prominent points.
    • Slide No. 1: Title & Introduction
    • Slide No. 2: Need for the Study, Hypothesis Aims and Objectives of the project.
    • Slide No. 3: List out the Materials & Methods employed for the study.
    • Slide No. 4-6: Discuss the results obtained with Infographics, Tables, etc.
    • Slide No. 7: Brief and concise summary and conclusion of the research project. Prospects of the research project may be added.
    • Slide No. 8: Mention the acknowledgement (if any) and list out the references.

    Poster Guidelines

    Time Provided for Presentation : 5 Minutes

    Discussion / Q& A : 2 minutes

    Total : 7 Minutes

    • A poster should include Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusions Recommendations, and acknowledgements.
    • Use short sentences, simple words, and bullets to illustrate the points.
    • Use a non-serif font (e.g., Arial) for the poster.

    Other Guidelines

    • You cannot exceed the time limit given to you at any cost, so kindly plan your presentation accordingly.
    • Make sure you are available in presentation hall at least 30 minutes before the time mentioned in the agenda.
    • Be open to feedback and Questions for future improvements.
    • Consider practicing your presentation priorly.