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    Welcome to 7th International Conference on Nursing Science and Healthcare

    With great enthusiasm, the Society for Nursing Practices (SFNP) warmly invites you to actively participate in the “7th International Conference on Nursing Science and Healthcare” an scheduled on 15th & 16th February 2024, Virtually. Building on the accomplishments of our prior six editions of this nursing conference, SFNP remains dedicated to advancing the realms of nursing science and healthcare.The conference will accentuate the ground-breaking spirit of enriching the nursing profession. The nursing conference presents the most innovative studies and research in the industry to give researchers, medical professionals, and academicians the most recent and cutting-edge evidence for optimum healthcare practices and safety. View More

    Abstract Submission
    10th February 2024
    Earlybird Registration
    05th February 2024
    Standard Registration
    10th February 2024
    Theme : "Elevate, Educate, Empower: The Nursing Journey"

    The 7th International Conference on Nursing and Healthcare (7th ICNSH) has adopted the theme "Elevate, Educate, Empower: The Nursing Journey". This theme signifies a focus on uplifting the nursing profession, promoting education, and empowering nurses, encapsulating the essence of the event.

    "Elevate, Educate, Empower : The Nursing Journey" is an impactful theme which is both powerful and meaningful for a nursing conference to deal with the futuristic Nursing. It encapsulates the essence of nursing and emphasizes the continuous process of growth, learning, and empowerment that nurses experience throughout their careers.

    It highlights the continuous growth and development of nursing professionals, emphasizing the importance of elevating the nursing profession, advancing education, and empowering nurses to provide the best possible care.

    This theme not only celebrates the journey of nurses but also sets the tone for a conference that will likely focus on knowledge-sharing, professional development, and the broader impact of nursing on healthcare. It's an inspiring and inclusive theme that encourages attendees to explore new horizons and reflect on the evolving role of nurses in the healthcare landscape.

    Wishing a successful and insightful 7th ICNSH Journey with this impactful theme!

    Event Speakers

    Maria Isabelita C. Rogado


    Arellano University,
    Graduate School of Nursing


    Associate Professor,

    Department of Nursing Science
    Faculty of Medicine
    University of Malaya
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


    Senior Lecturer,

    Department of Nursing Science, Faculty of Medicine,
    University of Malaya
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


    Chief of Nursing Affairs,

    Eastern Health Cluster,
    Brand Ambassador - Nurses for Future Project,
    Saudi Arabia



    Rufaida College of Nursing,
    Jamia Hamdard (Deemed to be University),
    New Delhi, India

    Prof. Dr. Jeffrey A. Lucero, RN, LPT

    Professorial Lecturer,

    Far Eastern University,

    Ms. Farhana Tabassum Siddique

    Director of Undergraduate Programs,

    Ziauddin University College of Nursing,

    Mr. Andrew Dimech RN, BN, MSc ICU, Dip Onc.

    Chief Nursing Officer,

    Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre,

    Session Tracks

    Who can attend

    • Nurse Practitioners
    • Registered Nurses
    • Nurse Midwives
    • Community Health Workers
    • Nursing Clinical Director
    • Midwife Nurse Educator
    • Nurse Researcher
    • Nurse Manager
    • Nurse Practitioner
    • Nursing Academicians
    • Doctors
    • Physicians & Physician Assistants
    • Allied Health Professionals
    • Students & Researchers Scholars
    • Other Healthcare Professionals
    Why to Attend
    • Knowledge Expansion: Engage with experts and peers to stay up to date with the latest advancements, research, and best practices in the field of nursing.
    • Networking Opportunities: Build valuable professional connections with nurses and healthcare professionals from around the world, opening doors to potential collaborations and career opportunities.
    • Personal Growth: Enhance your own growth and development as a nursing professional, increasing your confidence and competence.
    • Community Building: Contribute to the growth and cohesion of the global nursing community, fostering unity and mutual support among peers
    • Innovative Insights: Gain insights into cutting-edge technologies and methodologies shaping the future of nursing and healthcare.
    • Global Perspective: Understand international perspectives on nursing and healthcare, helping you broaden your horizons and approach to patient care.

    Benefits of Conference

    • E-Certificate will be provided to all the participants.
    • Connect with experts worldwide.
    • A rich resource for knowledge and skill enhancement.
    • Research assistance & Publication.
    • Gain insights from industry leaders.
    • Excellent networking opportunity.

    Proceedings & Publications

    Note : 7th ICNSH-2024 proceedings series will be submitted to the Web of Science Book Citation Index (BkCI) and to SCOPUS for evaluation and indexing.

    Celebrating 7 years of ICNSH - Reflection on the NURSING SERIES

    The "Nursing Conference (ICNSH) series" has earned its reputation as a prestigious educational conference, boasting participation from over 10000+ individuals hailing from 30+ countries and representing 50+ universities worldwide. This event serves as a hub for cutting-edge research, stimulating discussions, and compelling presentations in the field of nursing and Healthcare . It offers an outstanding opportunity for both speakers and attendees to gain knowledge from industry leaders and engage with fellow professionals who share their passion for the nursing field.

    EXPECTED OUTCOME : 7th International Conference on Nursing Science and Healthcare

    27 Participants
    33 Faculties
    300 Presentation
    50 College Participation



    Conference Venue

    Our 7th ICNSH 2024 is happening this year !

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