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  • About Conference

    With great enthusiasm, the Society for Nursing Practices (SFNP) warmly invites you to participate in the “7th International Conference on Nursing Science and Healthcare” – an online event scheduled on 15th & 16th February 2024 as an Virtual event. Building on the accomplishments of our prior seven editions of this nursing conference, SFNP remains dedicated to advancing the realms of nursing science and healthcare.

    The conference will accentuate the ground-breaking spirit of enriching the nursing profession. The nursing conference presents the most innovative studies and research in the industry to give researchers, medical professionals, and academicians the most recent and cutting-edge evidence for optimum healthcare practices and safety.

    Nursing science is the cornerstone foundation of the healthcare industry. Over the years, the demand for nursing kept rising to unprecedented proportions in light of the current nursing shortage necessitating a large number of nurses. Hence, we believe it’s crucial to discuss innovative advancements like monitoring outpatient therapy, highlighting professional status, and enhancing patient health and their experience in hospitals to ensure the highest level of medical safety.

    We are persuaded that all nursing professionals will find this seminar extremely informative. Our objective is to fill the gaps in the current academic and scientific fields.

    Objective of the Conference

    Besides keeping health care practices relevant and current, evidence-based practice in nursing offers a range of other benefits to you and your patients:

    • Promotes positive patient outcomes.
    • Contributes to the growth of the science of nursing.
    • Allows for incorporation of new technologies into health care practice.
    • Increases nurse autonomy and confidence in decision-making.
    • Ensures relevancy of nursing practice with new interventions and care protocols.
    • Provides scientifically supported research to help make well-informed decisions.
    • Provides a platform for nurses from around the world to share their research findings, best practices, and experiences.
    • Enhances global partnerships between nursing professionals, healthcare organizations, and academic institutions.
    • Ensures the alignment of nursing practice with emerging interventions and care protocols."
    • Forecast and prepare for future challenges and trends in nursing, such as demographic shifts, disease outbreaks, or policy changes.