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Society For Nursing Practices (SFNP) is one of the world's largest Non-profitable professional associations operating under Technoarete Research And Development Association (TRADA) meant for research and development in the field of Nursing Science & Healthcare.

SFNP is a Professional association for professionals dedicated to the advancement of the Nursing professionals, a forum for information on Nursing & Healthcare, research and management, and a network of professional contacts and exchange of information among colleagues in industry, government, academia, and the private sector.


Some of the services of SFNP are listed here…

International Conferences

SFNP organizes International Conferences all over the world.

World Conferences

SFNP Organizes world conferences by its brand name.

Faculty Development Programmes

SFNP Conducts Faculty Development Programme in its collaborated Universities

International Workshops

SFNP Organizes International Workshops in its collaborated universities all through the world.

Seminars/Guest Lectures

SFNP with the support of its members organize Seminars/Guest Lectures in Universities.

Short Term Training Programmes

SFNP organize Short Term Training Programme for the welfare of the student and professional community

Providing Membership

SFNP Provides Student Membership, Professional Membership and Institutional Membership to its student, professional and institutional members.

Establishing Chapters

SFNP establish student chapters, professional chapters to form its local chapter worldwide.

Faculty Exchange Programme

Faculties with SFNP membership can be allowed to visit abroad universities through its Faculty Exchange Programme

Inplant Training

SFNP student members will be given Inplant Training in the universities collaborated with SFNP


SFNP will organize webinars throughout the world


SFNP publish research articles in its high indexed and high standard International Journals such as SCOPUS, SCI/ESCI, Web of Science, Springer, Inderscience etc.

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