Convergence 2022

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Session Track

Track-1: Health Care Professionals

Track-2: Life Science Professional

Track-3: Advances & Innovations in Cardiac Technologies

Track-4: Medical Lab Technology Professional

Track-5: Surgical and Anaesthesiology Professional

Track-6: Radio Therapy and Nuclear Medicine Technology

Track-7: Ethical Issues in Allied Health Science Care

Track-8: Emergency and Ambulatory Care

Track-9: Trauma Care Management Professionals Forensic Science Technology

Track-10: Neuroscience Technology

Track-11: Role of Physician Assistants in Healthcare

Track-12: Evidence-Based Practices in Allied Health Sciences

Track-13: Ophthalmic Sciences Professional

Track-14: Renal Technology Professional

Track-15: Speech & Audiology

Track-16: Nursing Professionals

Track-17: Physiotherapy Professionals

Track-17: Healthcare Relate Researchers